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Getting Started is Easy

There are TWO ways to begin:

Custom Plans begin with your inspiration. This inspiration can come from many places – Home Designs seen anywhere Online, Regional Home Shows, Pictures, Sketches, Web Links, Etc.

Meet with one of our experienced Home Designers (with your inspiration) This can be in person, over the phone and email, or on Zoom, etc.

Initial Consult is free – take 30-60 minutes with a Designer to exchange ideas, plans, sketches, photos, and land info.

A Web File Purchase begins when you find a plan on our site. The plan is usually close to what you really want, BUT, would like to make some changes to FIT YOUR FAMILY. This is the case 99% of the time.

In this case, you may purchase the plan (as listed online) and meet with one of our experienced Home Designers to go over your adjustments to the Plan. The changes to your plan are billed hourly moving forward.

Consult with your Homes Designer on which method is the best for you.

When you're ready, call to schedule an appointment. There are usually a few plans in line ahead of you. Once you are comfortable with the Design Direction, an initial payment of 60% of the estimated cost of the plans is taken and we are on our way.